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What People Say About Barbara’s Life Coaching

“You are among the fortunate to have Barbara Vernoski on your team as your coach. She is a remarkable individual who tenaciously reframes challenges into opportunities. Whether your company has hired her to meet specific objectives or to develop staff to enhance employee satisfaction and retention, Vernoski, with her laser focus, will achieve the outcomes you desire. She is astute at unearthing client beliefs and values and employing them to create new paradigms, bringing about new practices and sustained results. All benefits: employer, employee, and your business. I have experienced Vernoski’s coaching first-hand. She is an inspiring coach who partners with you to bring out the best in yourself and, in so doing, benefiting others. She is an investment that will produce returns for years to come.”
Christina M. Genest, M.I.A., M.H.S.A., M.A.
Assistant Director of Corporate Communication Institute
Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ
M.I.A.  – Master in International Administration
M.H.S.A. – Master in Human Services Administration
M.A. – Master in Corporate and Organization Communication

“Barbara is a special and one-of-a-kind coach. She helped me break my old patterns of thinking that resulted in a more joyful life, and she does so in the kindest, most heartfelt way. Her talent to really connect to people shows how much she really cares and, she does a wonderful job at motivating people. Best of all, her personal life experiences, her strength, and her wisdom make Barbara one of the most inspiring people I have ever met!”
       Madeline Estrada
       CIBC World Markets
       New York, New York

“In my 40 years as an educator, social worker, nonprofit executive director.  I have rarely met someone as energetic, talented, intelligent, and honest as Barbara Vernoski.  As a Coach, Barbara is client-centered, non-judgmental, loving and totally supportive, and accepting of her client’s agenda.  With Barbara in your corner as your personal coach, you will identify your true wants and desires, and she will then be your partner on the journey attaining them. I consider myself extremely lucky to have Barbara as my coach, and I know you will too.” 
         Jeff Ambers, MSW
         Millburn, New Jersey

“It has been my pleasure to work with Barbara Vernoski as a coach over the past five months.  Barbara is a remarkable woman, yet our conversations are not focused on her experiences and opinions.  She focuses the conversation on whatever is important to me and helps me create plans, uncover areas of opportunities, and adjust how I think about things.  Barbara seems to see me in a way that makes me feel energized, positive about the future, and deserving of the very best life has to offer.  If you want a life-changing experience, find a way to spend time with a masterful coach, Barbara Vernoski!”
                            Christopher “Kip” Hartman,
                            Corporate Trainer and
                            Author of “Are You Layoff Proof?”
                            Easton, PA

“Barbara Vernoski is a unique coach. Barbara has so much compassion; she acknowledges and recognizes your concerns. Barbara knows how to ask her clients challenging questions; she is supportive and cheers them on to reach their goals. I am so amazed how she has changed my life and so very thankful that I met her”.
Betty Kemlage
Former Director of Operations (iPEC Coaching) and Small Business Owner

“I have worked with Barbara Vernoski for over 6 months. It is rare to find an individual with the skill, compassion, and enthusiasm that Barbara possesses. Through her coaching, Barbara met me where I was, partner with me to exceed my limits and reach my goals. Her strong sense of faith was critical for me as a Christian Coach to help me see God’s movement in areas of my personal and professional life that I was unaware of. She is an incredible cheerleader, teammate, and most importantly- coach! The best way to truly appreciate the value of Barbara’s coaching is to partner with her yourself. It is truly a Blessing!”
    Community Development Manager,
    Education Station
    Antoine K. Garrett