“…….I was most impressed with Barbara’s speaking and presentation skills and I invited her to present at our nationwide “Good Morning Barbados” TV program, we were celebrating, find “Women in Leadership. “ Barbara, was met with a very good response from our audience and she then was invited back to also present during one of our leading radio programs “Girl Talk” and she received great feedback from both our radio editors, presenters and audience. A series of regular appearances was then discussed with CBC.
 From my some 20 years of senior management experience, having been CEO/VP Marketing of some 6 different companies in Barbados, UK and Sweden, Barbara possesses outstanding presentation and leadership skills and she should be very well suited for a marketing and/or management role…….”
                Lars G.O. Soderstrom
                MSME (Chalmers, Sweden), MBA (Harvard Business School)
                EVP Business Development & International Marketing
                Scayl Inc
                 Portland, OR & Trinidad
“We recently held a camp for girls with spinal cord injury, who are patients at Shriners Hospitals for Children. Barbara did a great job of relating to the girls, they really responded to her. Barbara conveyed a very positive message in her session.”
Anne Leer, Recreational Therapist,
GLAM Camp for Girls with Spinal Cord Injury
Shriners Hospitals for Children
“Barbara was a great asset to me personally and the campaign in general…. As my personal advisor I found Barbara M. Vernoski’s skill,  knowledge, insight, and attention to detail, invaluable to the success of my Senate run…….She is the Face of Women in Leadership; confident, capable, sensible, effective, efficient, a dynamic leader and well read…She takes great joy and pleasure in helping others become their very best and grow into their potential.  She knows how to develop our confidence and bring out the very best in the people she works with. Not only does she have the ability to lead others but has led herself through many challenges in her personal life.  I can attest to her credibility and high moral character.  I hold her in high regard…..”
Badar Quamount
2012 US Senate Candidate
New Jersey
“You are among the fortunate to have Barbara Vernoski on your team as your coach. She is a remarkable individual who tenaciously reframe’s challenges into opportunities. Whether your company has hired her to meet specific objectives or to develop staff to enhance employee satisfaction and retention, Vernoski, with her laser focus, will achieve the outcomes you desire. She is astute at unearthing client beliefs and values and employing them to create new paradigms, bringing about new practices and sustained results. All benefit: employer, employee, and your business. I have experienced Vernoski’s coaching first-hand. She is an inspiring coach who partners with you to bring out the best in yourself and, in so doing, benefiting others. She is an investment that will produce returns for years to come.”
Christina M. Genest, M.I.A., M.H.S.A., M.A.
Assistant Director Corporate Communication Institute
Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ
M.I.A.  – Master in International Administration
M.H.S.A. – Master in Human Services Administration
M.A. – Master in Corporate and Organization Communication
“Barbara is a special and one-of-a-kind coach. She helped me break my old patterns of thinking that resulted in a more joyful life and she does so in the kindest, most heartfelt way. Her talent to really connect to people shows how much she really cares and, she does a wonderful job at motivating people. Best of all, her personal life experiences, her strength and wisdom make Barbara one of the most inspiring people I have ever met!”
Madeline Estrada
CIBC World Market
New York, New York

“In my 40 years as an educator, social worker, non profit executive director.  I have rarely met someone as energetic, talented, intelligent, and honest as Barbara Vernoski.  As a Coach, Barbara is a client centered, nonjudgmental, loving and totally supportive and accepting of her her client’s agenda.  With Barbara in your corner as your personal coach, you will identify your true wants and desires, and she will then be your partner on the journey attaining them. I consider myself extremely lucky to have Barbara as my coach, and I know you will too.”
Jeff Ambers, MSW
Millburn, New Jersey

“Barbara Vernoski spoke to our four-club circuit in September 2012. She was energetic, skillful, humorous and inspiring as she shared her life and challenges. She spoke in a way that touched lives and encouraged us to depend on God in every circumstance. She showed real caring by asking some of us to pray with her for the people who heard her message before she moved on to her next engagement.”
Barbara Mansfield-Chair Person
Stonecroft Christian Women’s Connection
Olympia, WA

“Alaska had the pleasure of Barbara’s skills as a speaker and a speaker’s trainer in her recent trip to our beautiful state.  Barbara was high energy and was able to move through a somewhat fluid and demanding schedule with ease. She has the ability to draw a crowd into her life story in a positive way even when she shares difficult times and situations.  Many lives were touched in a positive way as she spoke around the state.”
Linda Luberger
Stonecroft Regional Administrator
Wasilla, Alaska
“Audiences leave saying, “she knows us!”
We were blessed to have Barb Vernoski as the speaker at our Christian Women’s Club Dinner in March. She had such a powerful testimony that spoke of God’s unending love and grace in through difficult circumstances as well as how God heals broken relationships if we just trust in him.”
Ellen Roon
Chair of After 5 Group Women’s Group
Wyomissing Pennsylvania
“I praised God for Barbara when she spoke at our women’s outreach luncheon.  She was vibrant and authentic.  The women could relate to her story, which she shared with humor and in a way that demonstrated God’s power at work in her life”.  
Claudia Ring 
Co-coordinator of Creative Living Bible Study
Campus Crusade
“It has been my pleasure to work with Barbara Vernoski as a coach over the past five months.  Barbara is a remarkable woman, yet our conversations are not focused on her experiences and opinions.  She focuses the conversation on whatever is important to me and helps me create plans, uncover areas of opportunities and adjust the way I think about things.  Barbara seems to see me in a way that makes me feel energized, positive about the future and deserving of the very best life has to offer.  If you want a life-changing experience, find a way to spend time with a masterful coach, Barbara Vernoski!”
Christopher “Kip” Hartman,
Corporate Trainer and
Author of “Are You Layoff Proof?”
Easton, PA

“Barbara is an beautiful individual, inside and our, with a great story of courage, strength and trust in the Lord who is able to show anyone she meets just how awesome and important a relationship is with the Lord”.
Lois Hopkins, RN, FCN
Complex Case Management-Fully Insured Team
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Barbara Vernoski was the key note speaker for our Ladies’ Retreat.  Our ladies were so encouraged and inspired by her amazing story that we asked her to speak again at our Mother and Daughter Dessert Tea. Our ladies love her because she is “real, honest, open, and down to earth”.  She encouraged group discussions and get acquainted games and questions”.
Sandy Bohren-Area Rep Stonecroft and Red Hat
Buena, NJ
“Barbara is an internationally sought-after expert and speaker with “a brand new way to deliver a message.” Her extraordinary gifts as a storyteller/strategist opens a path for connecting life lessons to practical insights. Barbara presentations is unforgettable.”
MJT-Client Services 

“Barbara Vernoski is a very unique coach. Barbara has so much compassion; she acknowledges and recognizes your concerns. Barbara knows how to ask her clients challenging questions; she is supportive and cheers them on to reach their goals. I am so amazed how she has changed my life and so very thankful that I met her”.
Betty Kemlage
“Director of Operations (iPEC Coaching) and Small Business Owner

 “I have worked with Barbara Vernoski for over 6 months. It is rare to find an individual that has the skill, compassion and enthusiasm that Barbara possesses. Through her coaching, Barbara was able to meet me where I was, partner with me to exceed my limits and reach my goals. Her strong sense of faith was critical for me as a Christian Coach to help me see God’s movement in areas of my personal and professional life that I was unaware of. She is an incredible cheerleader, teammate, and most importantly- coach! The best way to truly appreciate the value of Barbara’s coaching, is to partner with her yourself. It is truly a Blessing!”
Community Development Manager,
Education Station
Antoine K. Garrett
“Barb has great knowledge. She loves to learn. Not just through the academic world (for that would just be knowledge) but also through embracing the lessons learned through the good, bad and ugly of life and using them for good. Nothing is wasted. That’s the application of knowledge. That’s wisdom.  That’s Barb. But not everyone can apply life’s lessons. It can be difficult to see the life lesson when one is in the pain of the circumstance. That often requires a good “unravel-er”; someone who can weave their way through the tangles of the heart, the knots of half-truths, the dyslexic way we can view life and then skillfully navigate to the heart of the matter.  That’s Barb.”
…. On one hand, Barb is a “what you see is what you get” kind of woman. She is exceedingly bright and witty, transparent, honest and sincere. But better still, she is “deep water” for her transparency and honesty is wrapped in a zeal to see us all live to our full potential. She loves to inspire, insightfully sees the weaknesses within and wisely knows how to help shape them into strengths.  You can read in her biography all of her accomplishments. While she will not (and should not) discount them, she sees them for what they are, open doors that God has given her to vibrantly impact her world in a positive way. Knowledge abounds… but a woman who has wisdom is a treasure. Barb is a treasure.
Robin Harnist, Speaker
Stonecroft Speaker Trainer for Military Outreach
Former Stonecroft Regional Speaker Trainer for VA, WV, and DE
“Barbara has a God given a gift to speak to other women in a real way.
Thank you for letting God use you as his vessel.”
Brenda Menz
 “Barbara pilots her story from authority as only experience and heartache contrasted by triumph and restoration can. She shares the procedures it takes to get from tragedy to success.  She relates how the influence of one can impact a life and challenges others to make a difference.  Travel with her as she inspires!”
Nancy Underhill
Centreville, VA

Barbara…“Is a very Faithful, Compassionate, Strong, Determined person.  She has demonstrate this over and over in her Private Personal Life and in her Public and Community Involvement.  She is Admired and Looked too for Valuable Information and Wisdom.  In every situation she emerges as Leader”

“Barbara is a deeply compassionate and gifted speaker who will draw you close and hold you there while she teaches and inspires you to live and walk in the legacy God has for you. She is a woman you will love, as much for her contagious humor and warmth as for her tender heart.”
She’s fun and funny; relevant and provocative…and very, very real.”
“Our church sponsors a Ladies’ Retreat Weekend and we were blessed to have Barbara as our speaker. Her energy, spontaneity, and sincerity were so contagious! As a former teacher and leadership trainer, I know the importance of keeping your audience involved and she was such an inspiration as her testimony touched each of us – young, old, married, single – it was like she knew each of us personally. It was such a great weekend filled with God’s word along with “on your feet, hands-on” activities that helped us all to renew and restore our relationships with family and friends; and to draw closer to each other as a church family.”
Barbara Wible
Ladies’ Retreat Coordinator
Grace Bible Church,
Culinary Arts teacher for 20 years
SkillsUSA advisor and trainer, Hollidaysburg, PA
“Barbara provided good examples of positive thinking for our patients.  She explained that the only thing we can all control is our minds.  Positive thinking makes everything just a little brighter.  She also emphasized that it is important to associate ourselves with positive role models.”
Terry Diamond, Development Director,
Shriners Hospitals for Children PA