GIFT of Love

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”   Brian Tracy

The GIFT of unconditional LOVE is the greatest gift we can give others and ourselves. If we filter our life through this principle, we could avoid much heartache. A perfect example of unconditional love is a mother with a newborn. That mom unconditionally loves and cares for her baby, and she expects nothing in return. This mother’s love is sacrificial and pure, a perfect explanation of Unconditional love because it is given freely. The newborn has done nothing to earn that love.

Ironically the New Testament starts with something new, Jesus, a new baby.  When he grew up, he gave the ultimate unconditional loving sacrifice for us by dying on the cross. We need to believe and accept His GIFT of LOVE. When we accept Jesus as a  GIFT, we experience unconditional LOVE. Like that mom cares for that newborn, God will take care of us through His son Jesus.

This kind of LOVE is hard to wrap our minds around because we live in a world where nothing is FREE. Even back in the Old Testament of the Bible, a relationship with God was not free. There were conditions. It was a conditional love, based on performance and sacrifice on our part.

Jesus never lost sight of unconditional love. The Bible says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” He went on to say, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

True Story: My son Jacob is the youngest of my seven children. One of his older sisters is disabled, and disabilities are a daily part of his life. At the age of 5 years old, we attended a birthday party. At the party, an autistic girl enjoyed getting his attention. She pulled his hair, threw things at him, and seemed to make it difficult for him to enjoy the party. To my surprise, before we left, Jacob ran over and gave this autistic girl a big hug goodbye. He got into the car and said, “you know what, mom, that girl is acceptable. I corrected him and said, do you mean accessible. He responded, “No! Mom, she is acceptable because I accept her.” Out of the mouth of my little son.

How would the world be different if we treated others with unconditional love and saw them as acceptable?
LOVE is a gift that is as much fun to give as to receive. There is a saying that says, “Give, and it shall be given to you.” Why not start today and share the GIFT of LOVE and see what happens.

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