Dover, England

Dover, England

History abounds in Dover; the ionic Dover Castle dominates the skyline. Dover sits at the base of the castle on the English Channel’s narrowest part, facing France.  Since On either side of the town, for 10 miles in both directions, stretches the White Cliffs of Dover.

First Class Tips for a Coach Budget
You can get a free tour by the “White Cliffs Greeters.” These greeters are local volunteer residents who love to share the stories and history of their town.

Layover Quick Tour Tips
Take the trolley that stops in the town of Dover, £8, and this will take you to the Dover Castle and back, you can get on the trolley at your leisure. To get a quick peek at the White Cliffs of Dover, get a taxi or Uber and go to the cruise terminal. Ask the taxi to wait as you get out a take a great photo as you look back at the shore to see the beautiful cliffs.

Places of Interest to Visit

*White CliffsThe White Cliffs reach up to 300 feet in height. The chalk soil consists of seashell fragments. The black streaks in the soil is flint. Behind the face of the cliffs lay hidden tunnels carved by prisoners at the Dover Castle during the Napoleonic Wars. During World War II, the tunnels were enlarged and served as Winston Churchill’s military headquarters.

*Dover Castleis the largest castle in England. This castle is positioned on top of the White Dover Cliff and stands guard over England at the English Channel’s narrowest part across from France. This is the Best Castle I have ever visited.

Dover Castle, Dover England

*Deal Castle

*Walmer Castle

*Richborough Fort

*Roman Painted House

*Western Heights

Take the trolley that stops in the town of Dover, £8, be prepared to walk uphill to the castle’s entrance, and you will keep going up from there. It is well worth it. Walk back down to the town; it is down the hill and a beautiful 20-minute walk back to town.

Interesting Facts and History

Interesting Facts
The White Cliffs of Dover, the narrowest part of the English Channel, has seen many invasion attempts throughout its long history. Julius Caesar, in 55 B.C. land on the shores of England in Dover and was met by armed forces; he got back on his ship and traveled on.

The White Cliffs of Dover are mentioned in “King Lear” by Shakespeare.

Location:  In the County of Kent, England, it is a ferry port. Dover faces France on the narrowest part of the English Channel.

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